BEHRINGER Model D Firmware Update 1.1.1



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Model D Firmware
Version 1.1.1 – (19 December 2018)

Firmware Update Tools
Note: This is a software synth tool for MODEL D. The latest firmware is bundled within the application,
there is no requirement for a separate firmware file.
• Environment Requirement: Microsoft Windows 7 or above Mac OS v10.11 or above
• Model Name: Model D
• Model Code: P0CQJ
• Firmware version: 1.1.1

Addressed Issues
1. New Synth Tool app for easier configuration of the MODEL D via the USB input.
2. Added new Mac OS support.
3. Improved the Poly Chain function to make it easier to setup and use.
4. Improved re-trigger reliability when playing with legato notes.
5. Mac version doesn’t support the firmware earlier than v1.0.5.
6. Add a function to SAVE and LOAD user setting file to the APP.
7. Fixed the notes logic issue in legato mode (multi-trigger off mode) found in the v1.1.0.

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ベリンガー アナログ・シンセサイザー MODEL D
¥37,000(2020/04/28 22:33時点)