ReCycle 2.1 リリースされました


ReCycle 2.1 のダウンロードが開始されました。

New in ReCycle 2.1:

  • Reason Adapted and Reload included
    ReCycle 2.1 comes with all the software you need to turn your REX files into music.

  • Mac OS X Support
    Mac users can now do all their recycling in Mac OS X.

  • True Windows XP Support
    ReCycle 2.1 now looks and acts like a true XP application.

  • Multiple Undos
    Do, undo, redo. Multiple times.

  • Full 24-bit Resolution
    ReCycle 2.1 maintains full 24-bit resolution throughout the process.

  • Hardware samplers no longer supported
    Exporting and importing to and from hardware samplers is not supported in ReCycle 2.1.