Greg Lake 1947.11.10 – 2016.12.7

投稿日: カテゴリー: MUSIC

RIP - Greg Lake

They were, sent from the gates
Ride the tides of fate,
Ride the tides of fate.
They were, sent from the gates

In the burning of our yearning,
For life to be.

There’s no end to my life,
No beginning to my death
Death is life!

– Pictures At An Exhibition / Emerson Lake & Palmer


18th November 1971:  Progressive rock group ELP, or Emerson, Lake and Palmer, in the studio for the recording of their album, 'Trilogy'. From left to right: Carl Palmer (drums), Greg Lake (vocals, bass, guitar) and Keith Emerson (keyboards).  (Photo by Norman Quicke/Express/Getty Images)


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