Keith Emerson 1944.11.2 – 2016.3.10」への10件のフィードバック

  1. ‘To everyone who posted such wonderfully kind thoughts and tributes following Keith’s tragic death I would like to say the following:
    I will deeply miss Keith and I want you all to know I will carry on flying the ELP banner and playing the great music with my band for many years to come. We have lost a very talented and gifted musician but this great music will continue for a long, long time. I will be looking at putting together a tribute show to Keith Emerson hopefully in June this year, and I hope this is something you will all want to come along and see to help celebrate his music. This I feel, is the very least I can do to honour Keith’s talent and musicianship in the best way I know.
    Thank you again
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  2. I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of my good friend and brother-in-music, Keith Emerson.

    Keith was a gentle soul whose love for music and passion for his performance as a keyboard player will remain unmatched for many years to come. He was a pioneer and an innovator whose musical genius touched all of us in the worlds of rock, classical and jazz.

    I will always remember his warm smile, good sense of humor, compelling showmanship, and dedication to his musical craft.

    I am very lucky to have known him and to have made the music we did, together. Rest in peace, Keith.

    Carl Palmer
    March 11, 2016

  3. A Statement From Greg Lake About Keith Emerson
    To all ELP friends and fans all over the world, I would like to express my deep sadness upon hearing this tragic news. As you know Keith and I spent many of the best years of our lives together and to witness his life coming to an end in the way that it has is painful, both to myself and to all who knew him.
    As sad and tragic as Keith’s death is, I would not want this to be the lasting memory people take away with them. What I will always remember about Keith Emerson was his remarkable talent as a musician and composer and his gift and passion to entertain. Music was his life and despite some of the difficulties he encountered I am sure that the music he created will live on forever.
    My deepest condolences go to Keith’s family.
    May he now be at peace.
    Greg Lake
    London – March 12, 2016

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