MASCHINE 2.8 リリース : の膨大なサンプルを利用可能とはならなかった


AudioRealism Bass Line 3 on MASCHINE

MASC8HINE 2.8 がリリースされた。待望の新バージョンだが、日本ではちょっと残念な話。 インテグレーションは日本では使えない

MASCHINE 2.8 アップデートの最大の魅力は のサンプルを MASCHINE にタグ情報などそのままに取り込める インテグレーション。残念ながら日本では が使えない(サンプルについてのライセンス条件が理由なのかね)ので、MASCHINE 2.8 でも同様に利用できない、ということに。このタイミングにあわせて日本でも が使えるようになるかと思ったんだけど、ダメでした。

Twitter でも mention があったけど、VPN アプリケーションや Chrome の拡張機能で IPアドレスを米国に偽装すれば、ちゃんと使えるよう。でも、これが利用規約・コンプライアンス的に大丈夫なのかは当然、大丈夫ではない(規約の居住国を偽申請することになるので)。


実際、MASCHINE 2.8 はサンプルライブラリの構造を再構築する仕様になっていて、サンプルのカテゴライズが若干変わっている(oneshot / loop の区分けが曖昧に)。NKS のタグフォーマットに統合されていくんだと思う。

MASCHINE 2.8 のアップデート情報は下記の通り。 インテグレーションを除くと地味。ユーザ以外は読んでもあまり意味ないかも。

Maschine 2.8.0 – 2019-02-21

  • ADDED Integration
  • Browse on, create your own collection of loops and one-shots, and sync the collections with MASCHINE. To make use of this feature, you must enable the "Download to All NI Apps" feature on the website. This can be found in your account settings, which can be accessed at this URL: "".
  • CHANGED There is now a single button for toggling the Browser between the Factory and User Libraries
  • CHANGED Samples are now cataloged in separate Loops and One-shots tabs in the Browser
  • For this version, all User Samples will be located in the One-shots tab of the Browser, regardless of whether they are tagged as Loops or One Shots.
  • IMPROVED Instruments, Loops, and One-Shots in the Factory Library will have their tags updated to the new NKS 1.5 format
  • ADDED Previews of loops selected in the Browser will be played in sync with the current project
  • When a loop is selected, it will start playing immediately in-sync with the project if transport is running. If a loop preview starts part-way through the loop, the loop will play once more in the context of your project.
  • IMPROVED Filters and product selections will be remembered when switching between content types and Factory / User Libraries in the Browser
  • ADDED Browser content synchronization between multiple running instances
  • When running multiple instances or MASCHINE, either as Standalone and / or as a plug-in, updates to the Library will be synchronized across the instances. For example, if you delete a sample from your User Library in one instance, the sample will no longer be present in the other instances. Similarly, if you save a preset in one instance, that preset will be available in the other instances, too.
  • ADDED Setting or Sample Start and End points from MASCHINE MIKRO MK3
  • Fine adjustments can be done by holding SHIFT while rotating the encoder.
  • ADDED When Browsing with A-Series keyboards, you can now jump to the list by holding SHIFT and pushing right on the 4D Encoder
  • ADDED When Browsing with A-Series keyboards, you can scroll through the Browser results list by holding SHIFT and twisting the 4D Encoder
  • ADDED Mute and Solo Sounds & Groups from A-Series keyboards
  • Sounds are muted in TRACK mode while Groups are muted in IDEAS.
  • ADDED Adjust Pattern Length with A-Series keyboards
  • Press the 4D Encoder on a Pattern in IDEAS. Twist for 1 bar increments, or hold SHIFT and twist for finer increments. Press again to set.
  • ADDED Clear patterns from A-Series keyboards by holding SHIFT and pressing STOP
  • IMPROVED Authorization system upgraded to RAS3
  • Existing RAS2 serial numbers will authenticate in the new RAS3 system automatically.
  • IMPROVED The LED feedback of the Pad Input Mode buttons has been improved for MASCHINE MIKRO MK3
  • IMPROVED Edits made to samples in the Factory Libraries will be saved to the Standard User Directory
  • FIXED MASCHINE would crash when connecting or disconnecting a MASCHINE MK3
  • FIXED Pad Sensitivity was not saved for MIKRO MK3
  • FIXED Brightness slider would do nothing on MIKRO MK3
  • FIXED Could not change sounds while Browsing with Prehear disabled on MIKRO MK3
  • FIXED Press Undo on MASCHINE MK3 after recording
  • FIXED Lit state of several buttons would appear on MASCHINE MK2
  • FIXED COMPLETE KONTROL S-Series would show incorrect Lightguide state for some plug-ins

Native Instruments グルーヴ制作システム MASCHINE MK3 Black
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  1. にゃにゃしさん より:

    > Twitter でも mention があったけど、VPN アプリケーションや Chrome の拡張機能で IPアドレスを米国に偽装すれば、ちゃんと使えるよう。でも、これが利用規約・コンプライアンス的に大丈夫なのかは当然、大丈夫ではない(規約の居住国を偽申請することになるので)。


    日本はダメかー ( ;∀;)

    • 波形研究所 所長 takefumi より: は大丈夫か?と思いますけどね。この機能は諦めてます。MASCHINE 3 が楽しみです。