MASCHINE 2.7.3 リリース


まだ実機で確認してないのですが、MASCHINE 2.7.3 がリリースされたようです。32Bit サポートも REMOVE されてますね。

Maschine 2.7.3 — What’s New

Audio Plug-in Improvements:

  • ADDED The ability to enable and disable Audio plug-in playback per Pattern when in LOOP mode. Double-clicking the waveform will toggle playback for the selected Pattern. Alternatively, the loops can be enabled or disabled via the STEP page on the hardware controllers.
  • ADDED A LOOP recording mode to the Record tab, and the Record tab is now available for both Sampler and Audio plug-ins. When choosing the new LOOP mode, the start of recording will be quantized to the start of the Pattern. Furthermore, when the recording is complete, the loop will automatically be loaded into an Audio plug-in and will immediately begin playback.

MASCHINE MK3 Improvements:

  • ADDED Event Editing on MASCHINE MK3 with 4-Directional Encoder. Select, nudge, pitch-shift and change the length of notes with the 4-Directional Encoder in the events window (on hardware screens) 
  • ADDED Apple Logic DAW Integration for MASCHINE MK3 – Mixer and basic DAW Control. Access Logic Mixer via MASCHINE MK3 hardware (Volume, Pan, Mute / Solo states are visible on screens). Access Essential Controls: Play / Stop / Record, Quantize, Undo / Redo, Automation Toggle, Tap Tempo, and Loop Toggle 


  • CHANGED It is now possible to record events directly in the EVENTS Page (MASCHINE MK3) 
  • ADDED Additional Scales from KOMPLETE KONTROL into MASCHINE 
  • ADDED Loading of PerformFX at the end of a Group plug-in chain 
  • FIXED An issue that broke Pattern Duplicate on the MASCHINE MIKRO 
  • FIXED An issue where the MASCHINE Transport Loop would influence Ideas View playback when hosted in a DAW 
  • FIXED A crash that could occur when zooming horizontally in the Arranger with special characters in Section names 
  • FIXED Controller hanging when accessing side-chain parameters (PLUG-IN page) 
  • FIXED Issues regarding renaming Scenes and Sections 
  • REMOVED 32-bit versions of standalone application and plug-in 
  • ADDED Velocity Curves to Controller Editor for MASCHINE MK3 
  • REMOVED The modal dialog at startup that suggests to download sound preview files from Native Access. The preview files are still available for installation in Native Access 
  • CHANGED Clear Auto now removes Automation Events from the focus Pattern rather than Automation Parameters 
  • CHANGED KOMPLETE KONTROL MK2: Pressing CLEAR also removes Automation Events (PATTERN page)